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Natural Resources Global does procure directly from licensed mines and licensed gold exporters metals and minerals – such as copper, silver, and gold.



Keeping the Metal Supply Chain Safe



Natural Resources Global is proudly keeping the Metal Supply Chain more secure for licensed mines and licensed gold exporters with help from BRINKS GLOBAL ® door to door service worldwide.


Adding value along the supply chain through knowledge, experience, direct efficiency and innovation.



Building A More Responsible Mineral Supply Chain Daily



Supply Chain Partners


Natural Resources Global recognizes that the conduct and behavior of our suppliers, vendors, and contractors can affect—both positively and negatively—the quality of our workplace, the environment, and the lives of people in local communities, as well as our reputation and ability to operate effectively.


We expect and demand that our supply chain partners uphold Natural Resources Global principles of ethical business conduct and respect for human rights. As a company, we strive to do business only with those suppliers who share these principles.



Letter of Intent (LOI)


Natural Resources Global accepts new sellers to our supplier list every month.



The Fixed Discount price of the Gold quoted by LBMA, London Bullion Market Association,  based on the afternoon price 15:00 London BST) in US dollars.


The one exception to this procurement guideline is made to publicly traded companies.


Request our current standard Letter of Intent emailed to your company today. 




A Global network of industry, investment, and professional relationships

Experienced team with a proven track record of delivery


From humble and very niche beginnings, Natural Resources Global and London Metal Exchange (LME) is committed to working with the precious metals community to deliver risk management and pricing solutions for the benefit of the whole market.


With powerful analytical tools, Natural Resources Global streamlines available inventories contracts and execution to increase efficiency and profitability for each procurement.


Physical commodities have been traded in the same way by the same companies for decades. We see technology delivering tangible benefits to the mining industry.



Total Transparency. By Design.


Natural Resources Global is setting a new standard of assurance and financial accountability.




We believe that transparency comes in many forms – from being open about financial performance to driving deeper stakeholder engagement, to improving monitoring and reporting within the organization and across our supply chain.

30 Broad Street, New York, NY 10004

Tel:  1-212-763-7704

            Procurement:   1-212-858-0182

Fax:   1-212-954-5041

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