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Developing and maintaining good relationships with our supplier community is essential to Natural Resources Global overall success.


As a strategic objective, we follow a sourcing strategy that utilizes only the highest performing suppliers for any type of good or service acquired.


It is critical to align our internal requirements with the suppliers’ ability to meet Natural Resources Global needs.


Natural Resources Global is in business for the long term to create sustainable value and opportunity for our shareholders, employees, host communities and business partners.


We want our suppliers and partners to be in business for the long term, and the way we do that is through mutual value creation. Through enhanced communication with our business partners, we can identify ways to improve execution, uncover innovative approaches and create additional opportunities.


Improved transparency strengthens our relationship with our business partners by helping you align your work with our Values.


At Natural Resources Global, engaging with our suppliers strengthens relationships, fosters integration and trust, and ultimately results in improved services and innovation.


Our Supplier of the Year Award recognizes our suppliers and partners who demonstrate high levels of success in meeting these requirements.


Additionally, increasing efficiency through accurate and complete internal and external information, as well as leveraging common processes that utilize technology, is a component of Natural Resources Global business strategy.


This commonality saves time and allows our vendors to focus on higher value activities.


Managing our supplier relationships and supply chain risk.


Natural Resources Global suppliers are an integral part of our team and play an important role in helping deliver our strategy to lead the gold sector in profitability and responsibility. This includes the safe, efficient and timely delivery of projects, day-to-day site operations and effectively managing to evolve and emerging risks.


The types of risks impacting our supply chain continue to evolve and we have identified the need for more proactive and predictive risk management strategies to protect our people, our business, nearby communities and the environment. As part of this effort, Natural Resources Global is implementing a new approach for managing supplier relationships, from contract set up and execution to contract close out.


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