Our approach


We are responsible for our impacts on people, society and the environment. Find out how we are putting sustainability into practice.


Our sustainability framework


At Natural Resources Global, we employ people, across more than 20 countries.


Final responsibility for sustainability lies at Board level, with our Health, Safety, Environment, and Communities (HSEC).


To help integrate sustainability across our Group, we have put in place values, standards and policies, which our people aspire to and follow.


Our framework includes:



Code of Conduct

Our policies


Applying the framework


Our senior management team takes a hands-on role in monitoring and scrutinizing sustainability across the Group.


Our HSEC Committee has oversight over, and ultimate responsibility for, our Group HSEC strategy.


Our sustainability team provide guidance and thought leadership.


Risk management


At every level of the Group, our approach is one of sustainability risk management. Our sustainability risk management framework is aligned with global standards and helps identify hazards and ways to eliminate, manage or mitigate them.


We maintain a register of HSEC risks.


Assurance processes


We have designed our assurance processes to support risk assessment.


As well as using our risk management framework, we require assets to complete annual self-assessments and have an HSEC audit program focused on catastrophic hazards.


External commitments


We have made ongoing commitments to a range of international initiatives, programmes, and principles. Explore them below.






Regulatory engagement


We develop constructive relationships with the national, regional and local governments of our host countries, and maintain a regular dialogue with them.


We may do this individually, collectively with other organizations, or as part of an industry association. Regular contact allows us to plan for regulatory changes and better react to them.


We foster public dialogue and contribute to the development of sound laws and regulations in areas that affect our business. In all dealings with governments, we work to the highest ethical standards.


We engage with regulators at all levels of government through regular meetings, audits and site visits.


Our operations engage with regulators on topics that include export limitations.